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Gift happily with Wrappily!


Why newsprint?

Because it does the trick of beautifully wrapping a gift without a huge price to the environment. As far as papers go, newsprint is probably the most environmentally friendly one there is. It can be produced from a wide range of wood pulp and saw dust, and uses the least amount of chemical agents to change the consistency or quality. In the US over 90% of newsprint is created from recycled paper. In fact, a piece of newsprint can be recycled up to seven times.

What kind of print quality can I expect?

We use newspaper presses to make wrapping paper. Crazy, we know. Pushing the envelope on what these old web presses were made to do is part of the fun—and the result is distinctly different. Our papers retain those signature sawtooth edges iconic to newspapers everywhere, and in some cases evidence of the four-color registration leaves hints of itself. With Wrappily the process is part of the product, and the beauty is in the imperfect, crafted-looking result.

What is the best way to display my paper?

We offer custom wooden Wrappily display boxes available for purchase. For retailers that wish to use hanging displays, we offer packs of paper with hang tabs.The way you display your Wrappily is completely up to you and your shop. We love seeing our wholesalers get creative! Email wholesale@wrappily.com for display box inquiries.

Do you white label or offer custom printing?

We are happy to make a Wrappily paper just for you or your business, but minimum run orders apply. Contact us at wholesale@wrappily.com to discuss your ideas and get a quote.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards and net 30 terms upon approval. 

How fast will my order arrive?

We reserve a one week processing and packing window for all wholesale orders. We're a busy little shop, but try our hardest to get orders filled ASAP. Orders shipped using USPS Priority Mail average 3 business days for delivery. Economy shipping is sent First Class Mail, 5–7 days delivery. Shipping costs will be calculated during the order process and will be sent to you for approval prior to shipment.